Movavi's False and Misleading Advertising

Be warned about movavi's claimed 'Lifetime' licenses !

A few months back I saw movavi's Video Converter on a screen like this :

(The current purchase screen for movavi Video Converter can be found here, or by clicking the above image.)

I was looking for a converter, so on 1st August 2016 I successfully purchased a 'Lifetime license' for movavi Video Converter - and my invoice looks like this :

Note : It clearly and repeatedly says 'Movavi Video Converter - Lifetime License' - not just Version 16. There was no mention of version limitations, and no mention the 'Lifetime' could be as little as months, or even days if I bought just before an upgrade.

Recently I upgraded to a new Windows version, and downloaded and installed the latest update of movavi Video Converter.

But alas !

My 'Lifetime license' key failed to activate the program because it was a Version 16 key, and the software was now Version 17 :

So the alleged 'Lifetime' only lasted about a third of a year, during which time I received no updates at all.

Now my only option for any update or upgrade is to buy the latest version (with a 30% discount as an existing user) :

I contacted movavi about this on the 16th December 2016, but their agent Maria Kukhtinova from the movavi Support Team dismissed my complaint with (my bold) :

" The license is permanent for the specific version of the program. When we release a new version, you are offered to purchase an upgrade or to refuse and keep using the version you own.
You purchase a license for a specific version of the software, for instance, 16. All the minor upgrades within 16th version are free (16.1, 16.2 etc.). All the major upgrades to the next versions (17, 18, etc) can only be purchased if you need them. This is the only type of licensing that is available.  "

This is a prima facie case of false and misleading advertising - movavi concealed critical information when I purchased :

So the 'Lifetime' lasted about a third of a year only, during which time I received NO updates at all.
This is a prima facie case of false and misleading advertising - movavi concealed critical information when I purchased :
  • That 'Lifetime licenses' only means the lifetime of one software VERSION - not the lifetime of the customer, or at least the product - as one might expect,
  • that the 'Lifetime' is probably a little less than a year, but could be as little as months or days even,
  • that movavi was on Version 16 (currently Version 17) after 12 years in business,
  • and that Version 16 was almost a year old and probably due for an update.

Frankly - this is an outrageous and dishonest rip-off - which even appears to be deliberate policy by movavi.

I recommend customer's avoid movavi's 'Lifetime licenses' - which may not be either nasty or brutish, but certainly are short.


Quentin David Jones

17th December 2016